is a nonprofit online museum of environmental art. Since its launch in 2001, has become a source for information about this global art movement, which includes eco-art (or ecological art), land art, art in nature and related terms.

As an online museum it is free to visit and open 24 hours a day throughout the year. It now receives close to 3,000 visitors per day (over one million visitors in 5 years). The website provides a forum for discussion, a toolbox of practical resources for policy makers, scientists, educators and communities, as well as the latest artists, exhibitions and event listings.

In addition to presenting curated online exhibitions highlighting themes and issues, made possible the printed and online catalogue of the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati's historic "Ecovention: current art to transform ecologies" exhibition in 2002, a collaboration with ecoartspace. In partnership with Amber Lotus Publishers, publishes a calendar of environmental art that is distributed internationally. highlights developments in the environmental art movement and helps facilitate collaborative partnerships between a range of people, places and organizations. Its activities are designed to stimulate the diffusion of ecological art aesthetics, ideas and working methods to facilitate the creation of a more sustainable world culture.

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