Green Gate

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Green Gate
General information
Architectural style Flemish mannerism
Town or city Gdańsk
Country Poland
Construction started 1564
Completed 1568
Design and construction
Architect Reiner van Amsterdam

The Green Gate (Polish: Brama Zielona, German: former Koggentor, now Grünes Tor) in Gdańsk, Poland, is one of the city's most notable tourist attractions. It is situated between Long Market (Długi Targ) and the River Motława.


With the Golden Gate and the Highland Gate, the Green Gate spans the Long Market and Long Street, together comprising the Royal Route. The Green Gate was clearly inspired by the Antwerp City Hall.[1] It was built 1568-71 as the formal residence of Poland's monarchs.[2] It is a masterpiece by Regnier (or Reiner van Amsterdam), an Amsterdam architect,[3] and reflects Flemish architectural influence in Gdańsk. Hans Kramer from Dresden was responsible for the construction plans.

On 11–20 February 1646 the future Queen of Poland, Marie Louise Gonzaga, was entertained here. In the late 18th century the Nature Society was housed here, but soon moved to the Naturalists' House (Research Society House).

Today the Green Gate houses the National Museum in Gdańsk. Exhibitions, meetings, conferences and shows are held here. The Gdańsk office of former Polish President Lech Wałęsa is located in one of the rooms.

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