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The Grand Chamberman of France (French: Grand Chambrier de France) was one of the Great Officers of the Crown of France, a member of the Maison du Roi ("King's Household"), and one of the Great Offices of the Maison du Roi during the Ancien Régime. It is similar in name, but should not be confused with, the office of Grand Chamberlain of France (French: Grand Chambellan de France), although both positions could accurately be translated by the word chamberlain.

The position was one of the royal offices that gave the possessor nobility upon beginning his service. The Grand Chambrier was in charge of the King's chamber. Under the first Capetians, the Grand Chambrier managed the Royal Treasury along with the Grand Bouteiller (Grand Butler), before being supplanted of these functions by the Chamber of Accounts (Chambre des comptes, created by King Philip IV) and the position of Surintendant des finances (created in 1311).

During its existence, the position of Grand Chambrier had greater power than that of the Chambellan. He signed charters and other important letters, preceded the Constable of France in ceremonies and assisted at the trial of peers. The position was suppressed in 1545 and its duties were absorbed by the position of Grand Chamberlain of France.

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