Granard (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

Former constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
Former constituency
Created 1679 (1679)
Abolished 1800
Replaced by Disenfranchised

Granard was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons until 1800.


In the Patriot Parliament of 1689 summoned by King James II, Granard was not represented.[1]

Members of Parliament, 1679–1801


ElectionFirst memberFirst partySecond memberSecond party
1689 Granard was not represented in the Patriot Parliament
1692 John Perceval Sir Walter Plunket
September 1703 Stephen Ludlow [note 1]
1703 Wentworth Harman
1713 John Parnell John Rogerson
1715 James Peppard
1723 Charles Coote
1725 Robert Jocelyn
1727 James Macartney John Folliott
1761 Edmond Malone Robert Sibthorpe
1767 Gervase Parker Bushe
1768 Anthony Malone [note 2]
1769 Richard Malone
1776 Thomas Maunsell John Kilpatrick
1780 William Long Kingsman
1783 Robert Jephson George William Molyneux
1790 John Ormsby Vandeleur Thomas Pakenham Vandeleur
January 1798 Hon. George Fulke Lyttelton William Fulk Greville
1798 Ross Mahon
1800 Richard Townsend Herbert
1801 Constituency disenfranchised


  1. Also elected for Dunleer in 1703, for which he chose to sit
  2. Also elected for Westmeath in 1768, for which he chose to sit


  1. O'Hart (2007), p. 502


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