Graham Wellesley, 8th Earl Cowley

Garret Graham Wellesley, 8th Earl Cowley (born 30 March 1965) is a British hereditary peer and businessman. He is the only son of Garret Wellesley, 7th Earl Cowley and his first wife, Elizabeth Lennon.


Cowley was the founder and Chief Executive of the City of London brokerage houses IFX and Finspreads. In 2003 the board of directors of IFX forced him to resign as Chief Executive, and he sold his IFX holdings. Subsequently he has taken ownership of and has a day to day role in the operations of ODL Securities.[1] In November 2013, he co-founded peer-to-peer lending firm Wellesley & Co..[2]

Marriage and family

He married Claire Brighton in 1990 and they have three children, the eldest of whom Henry Arthur Peter Wellesley, Viscount Dangan is heir apparent to the earldom.


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Peerage of the United Kingdom
Preceded by
Garret Wellesley
Earl Cowley
heir apparent:
Henry Wellesley, Viscount Dangan

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