"King of Slavs" (titular)
Ruler of Duklja (titular King)
Reign 1131–1142 or 1135–1146
Predecessor George
Successor Radoslav
Died 1142 (1143) or 1146 (1147)
Burial Monastery of Saints Sergius and Bacchus, Bojana
Issue Radoslav, Jovan, Vladimir
Dynasty Vojislavljević
Father Branislav
Religion Eastern Christianity

Gradinja (fl. 1125–46) was the King of Duklja, from either 1131 to 1142 or 1135 to 1146. Gradinja is one of many persons (alongside Branislav, Gojislav, Georgije and Grubeša among others) mentioned only in the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja (CPD), not found in Byzantine sources as the other Serbian rulers and royalty.[1] Gradinja was the son of Dukljan ruler Branislav, and the brother of Grubeša, the former ruler (r. 1118–25).

Around 1125, Gradinja, the rival of George, married himself in Rascia (Grand Principality of Serbia), with the "intent of returning the rule", according to Mavro Orbini.[2]

Following the second war with the Byzantines, in which King George was defeated and imprisoned in the stronghold of Oblik, the Byzantines appointed Gradinja as ruler of Duklja, to rule as a vassal. According to the CPD, Gradinja was gentle, tame, compassionate and a protector of the widows and the poor. Gradinja was a Byzantine exponent, however, the power and territorial extent of Duklja was, in the time of his reign, greatly decreased.

Gradinja was buried in the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus in Bojana.[3] His son Radoslav inherited the throne in 1146.



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Ruler of Duklja
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