Governor of North Borneo

Governor of North Borneo
Style His Excellency
Residence Sandakan (before 1946), Jesselton (1946-1963)
Inaugural holder William Hood Treacher
Formation 1881-1963
Final holder William Allmond Codrington Goode
Abolished 1963

The Governor of North Borneo was the appointed head of the government of North Borneo.

Originally the Governor was appointed by the North Borneo Chartered Company, which was responsible for the administration of the protectorate. Upon North Borneo becoming a Crown colony in 1946, in the aftermath of the Second World War, the Governor of British North Borneo became an appointee of the Crown (i.e. of the Government of the United Kingdom).

List of Governors appointed by the Company

Name From To
William Hood Treacher 1881 1887
William Maunder Crocker 1887 1888
Charles Vandeleur Creagh 1888 1895
Leicester Paul Beaufort 1895 1900
Hugh Charles Clifford 1900 1901
Ernest Woodford Birch 1901 1903
Edward Peregrine Gueritz 1904 1911
Francis Robert Ellis 1911 1912
Sir James Scott Mason 1912 1913
Cecil William Chase Parr 1913 1915
Aylmer Cavendish Pearson
(first appointment)
1915 1922
William Henry Rycroft 1922 1925
Aylmer Cavendish Pearson
(second appointment)
1925 1926
John Lisseter Humphreys 1926 1929
Arthur Frederick Richards 1930 1933
Douglas James Jardine 1934 1937
Charles Robert Smith 1937 1942
Administration interrupted by the Japanese occupation
Charles Robert Smith
(resumed administration)
1945 1946

List of Governors appointed by the Crown

Name From To
Edward Francis Twining 1946 1949
Herbert Ralph Hone 1950 1954
Roland Evelyn Turnbull 1954 1959
William Allmond Codrington Goode 1959 1963


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