List of Governors-General of French Indochina

French Indochina, 1930.
Emblem of the Government-General of French Indochina

This is a list of European (as well as Japanese and Chinese) colonial administrators responsible for the territory of French Indochina, an area equivalent to modern-day Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

List of colonial heads of French Indochina

Tenure Incumbent Notes
French Indochina
French Indochina formed (Cambodia, Annam, Tonkin, and Cochinchina, and from 3 October 1893, Laos)
16 November 1887 to April 1888Jean Antoine Ernest Constans, Governor-General
April 1888 to 31 May 1889Étienne Antoine Guillaume Richaud, Governor-General
31 May 1889 to April 1891Jules Georges Piquet, Governor-General
April 1891 to June 1891Bideau, acting Governor-General
June 1891 to 31 December 1894Jean Marie Antoine de Lanessan, Governor-General
March 1894 to October 1894Léon Jean Laurent Chavassieux, acting Governor-GeneralActing for Lanessan
December 1894 to February 1895François Pierre Rodier, acting Governor-General
February 1895 to 10 December 1896Paul Armand Rosseau, Governor-General
December 1896 to 13 February 1897Augustin Julien Fourès, acting Governor-General
13 February 1897 to October 1902Joseph Athanase Paul Doumer, Governor-General
October 1902 to February 1908Jean Baptiste Paul Beau, Governor-General
18 February 1907 to September 1907Louis Alphonse Bonhoure, acting Governor-General
September 1908 to January 1910Antony Wladislas Klobukowski, Governor-General
January 1910 to February 1911Albert Jean George Marie Louis Picquié, acting Governor-General
February 1911 to November 1911Paul Louis Luce, Governor-General
November 1911 to January 1914Albert Pierre Sarraut, Governor-General1st time
January 1914 to 7 April 1915Joost van Vollenhoven, acting Governor-General
April 1915 to May 1916Ernest Roume, Governor-General
May 1916 to January 1917Jean Eugène Charles, acting Governor-General
January 1917 to May 1919Albert Pierre Sarraut, Governor-General2nd time
May 1919 to February 1920Maurice Antoine François Montguillot, acting Governor-General1st time
February 1920 to April 1922Maurice Long, Governor-General
April 1922 to August 1922François Marius Baudouin, acting Governor-General
August 1922 to April 1925Martial Henri Merlin, Governor-General
April 1925 to November 1925Maurice Antoine François Montguillot, acting Governor-General2nd time
18 November 1925 to January 1928Alexandre Varenne, Governor-General
January 1928 to August 1928Maurice Antoine François Montguillot, acting Governor-General3rd time
22 August 1928 to 15 January 1934Pierre Marie Antoine Pasquier, Governor-General
15 January 1934 to September 1936Eugène Jean Louis René Robin, Governor-General
September 1936 to 23 August 1939Joseph Jules Brévié, Governor-General
23 August 1939 to 25 June 1940Georges Catroux, acting Governor-General
25 June 1940 to 9 March 1945Jean Decoux, Governor-GeneralContinued to serve following the Japanese invasion; deposed in the Japanese coup d'état
Japanese Military Occupation
9 March 1945 to 28 August 1945Yuitsu Tsuchihashi, Governor-General
9 March 1945 to 15 August 1945Takeshi Tsukamoto, acting Governor-GeneralActing for Tsuchihashi
Allied Military Administration
Above 16th parallel
9 September 1945 to 6 March 1946Lu Han, Military Governor (Republic of China)
Below 16th parallel
6 September 1945 to 28 January 1946Douglas David Gracey, Military Governor (United Kingdom)
French Indochina
23 September 1945 to 5 October 1945Jean Marie Arsène Cédile, acting High Commissioner
5 October 1945 to 31 October 1945Philippe François Marie de Hauteclocque, dit Leclerc, acting High Commissioner
31 October 1945 to 1 April 1947Georges Louis Marie Thierry d'Argenlieu, High Commissioner
1 April 1947 to 20 October 1948Émile Bollaert, High Commissioner
20 October 1948 to 17 December 1950Léon Marie Adolphe Pascal Pignon, High Commissioner
17 December 1950 to 11 January 1952Jean Joseph Marie Gabriel de Lattre de Tassigny, High Commissioner
11 January 1952 to 1 April 1952Raoul Albin Louis Salan, acting High Commissioner
1 April 1952 to 27 April 1953Jean Letourneau, High Commissioner
27 April 1953 to 17 August 1953Jean Letourneau, Commissioner-General
17 August 1953 to 10 April 1954Maurice Dejean, Commissioner-GeneralServed at the time of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu
10 April 1954 to 2 June 1955Paul Henri Romuald Ély, Commissioner-General
June 1955 to 21 July 1956Henri Hoppenot, Commissioner-General

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