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The Cabinet of the Cook Islands is the policy and decision-making body of the executive branch of the Cook Islands Government. It consists of the Prime Minister and a number of other Ministers, who are collectively responsible to Parliament.

Legislative basis

Unlike other Commonwealth Realms, the Cook Islands Cabinet has a formal legislative basis in the Cook Islands Constitution. Cabinet consists of the Prime Minister and up to six other ministers.[1] Members are appointed by the Queen's Representative on advice of the Prime Minister, and must be Members of Parliament.[2]

All Cabinet ministers also serve as members of the Executive Council, which advises the Queen's Representative. Cabinet decisions take effect after four days, or when formally confirmed by the Executive Council.[3]

Current members

The Cook Islands Cabinet consists of:[4]

Cabinet ministers

Incumbent Portfolios and responsibilities
Henry Puna

(Cook Islands Party)

  • Prime Minister
  • Attorney General
  • Minister of Energy and Renewable Energy
  • Office of the Prime Minister
  • Minister of the Outer Islands
  • Office of the Public Service Commission
  • Minister of Marine Resources
  • Minister of Transport
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs & Immigration
  • Minister of Tourism
Teariki Heather

(Cook Islands Party)

Albert Nicholas

(Democratic Party)

  • Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Minister of Youth & Sport
  • Ombudsman
  • Punanga Nui
Mark Brown

(Cook Islands Party)

  • Minister of Finance & Economic Development
  • Seabed Minerals and Natural Resources
  • Minister of Commerce Commission
  • Minister of Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Minister of Financial Services Development Authority
  • Minister of Cook Islands Investment Corporation
  • Minister of Telecommunications
  • Minister of National Superannuation
  • Minister of PERCA/ Audit
  • Head of State
  • Cook Islands Pearl Authority
Nandi Glassie

(Cook Islands Party)

  • Minister of Health
  • Justice
  • Minister of Parliamentary Services
Kiriau Turepu

(Cook Islands Party)

  • Minister of Agriculture
  • Minister of Business, Trade and Investment Board
  • Minister of National Environment Services


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