Second McConnell government

Second McConnell ministry
4th devolved government of Scotland
Date formed 20 May 2003
Date dissolved 18 May 2007
People and organisations
Head of government Jack McConnell
Head of state Elizabeth II
Member party Labour Party
Liberal Democrats
Status in legislature Majority
Election(s) 2003
Outgoing election 2007
Legislature term(s) 2nd Scottish Parliament
Predecessor First McConnell ministry
Successor First Salmond ministry

The Second McConnell ministry (20 May 2003 – 16 May 2007) was formed following elections to the 2nd Scottish Parliament. Jack McConnell was re-appointed as First Minister on 20 May 2003 and headed another LabourLiberal Democrat coalition government.

List of ministers

Post Minister Term Party
First Minister The Rt Hon. Jack McConnell MSP 20032007Labour
Deputy First Minister
Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning
The Rt Hon. Jim Wallace QC MSP 20032005 Liberal Democrats
Nicol Stephen MSP 20052007Liberal Democrats
Minister for Communities Margaret Curran MSP 20032004Labour
Malcolm Chisholm MSP 20042006Labour
Rhona Brankin MSP 20062007Labour
Minister for Education and Young People Peter Peacock MSP 20032006Labour
Hugh Henry MSP 20062007Labour
Minister for Environment and Rural Development Ross Finnie MSP 20032007Liberal Democrats
Minister for Finance and Public Services Andy Kerr MSP 20032004Labour
Tom McCabe MSP 20042007Labour
Minister for Health and Community Care Malcolm Chisholm MSP 20032004Labour
Andy Kerr MSP 20042007Labour
Minister for Justice Cathy Jamieson MSP 20032007Labour
Minister for Parliament Patricia Ferguson MSP 20032004Labour
Margaret Curran MSP 20042007Labour
Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport Frank McAveety MSP 20032004Labour
Patricia Ferguson MSP 20042007Labour
Minister for Transport and Telecommunications Nicol Stephen MSP 20032005Liberal Democrats
Tavish Scott MSP 20052006Liberal Democrats
Minister for Transport 20062007Liberal Democrats
Lord Advocate The Rt Hon. Colin Boyd QC20032005Labour
The Rt Hon. Elish Angiolini QC20052007
Post Minister Term Party
Deputy Minister for Education and Young People Euan Robson MSP 20032005Liberal Democrats
Robert Brown MSP 20052007Liberal Democrats
Deputy Minister for Communities Mary Mulligan MSP 20032007Labour
Deputy Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Dr Lewis Macdonald MSP 20032004Labour
Allan Wilson MSP 20042007Labour
Deputy Minister for Finance and Public Service Reform
Deputy Minister for Parliamentary Business
Tavish Scott MSP 20032005Liberal Democrats
George Lyon MSP 20052007Liberal Democrats
Deputy Minister for Health and Community Care Tom McCabe MSP 20032004Labour
Rhona Brankin MSP 20042005Labour
Dr Lewis Macdonald MSP 20052007Labour
Deputy Minister for Justice Hugh Henry MSP 20032006Labour
Johann Lamont MSP 20062007Labour
Deputy Minister for Environment and Rural Development Allan Wilson MSP 20032004Labour
Dr Lewis Macdonald MSP 20042005Labour
Rhona Brankin MSP 20052007Labour
Sarah Boyack MSP 2007Labour
Solicitor General for Scotland Elish Angiolini QC20032005
John Beckett QC20052007Labour


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