Gorinchem Noord railway station

Gorinchem Noord
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 51°51′00″N 4°58′49″E / 51.85000°N 4.98028°E / 51.85000; 4.98028Coordinates: 51°51′00″N 4°58′49″E / 51.85000°N 4.98028°E / 51.85000; 4.98028
Gorinchem Noord
Location within Dutch railway station

Gorinchem Noord is a planned railway station, in Gorinchem, Netherlands.


The station was set to open in 2011. The station lies on the Merwede-Lingelijn (Dordrecht - Geldermalsen) and is located between Gorinchem and Arkel. The station is primarily for northern Gorinchem, where there is an industrial estate and the Da Vinci College, and small settlements in the area. It is still unknown when construction work will begin. The station plan has been accepted.

Other planned stations

There are more stations set to open in 2011 on the Merwede-Lingelijn. These are:

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