Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now

"Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now"
Song by Teresa Brewer
Published 1951
Writer(s) Milton Kellem
Language English

"Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now" is a popular song written by Milton Kellem,[1] and published in 1951. Originally written in English, it has been done in several styles and tempos.

The very first known recorded version was in june 1951, by Roy Hogsed (source: Wikipedia).The "original" version, recorded by Teresa Brewer with Orchestra directed by Ray Bloch on January 10, 1952, was released by Coral Records as catalog number 60676 on April 5, 1952.[1] It reached #25 on the Billboard charts.[1] It was done in a "Swing" style, with big band backing (including mouth harp).

Patience and Prudence had more success with the song when they recorded it in 1956 reaching #11 on the charts.[2] This is considered the benchmark version, by which all others are judged, due to the intimate harmony of the two young singers. This version brightened the melody somewhat, and later artists followed the brighter version, as did Brewer when she recorded an album version in 1964 in a semi-Caribbean style.

Two other versions hit the US chart in 1964 as sung by Tracey Dey (peaking at #51)[3] and Skeeter Davis (peaking at #48).

Dey's version was done in a style emulating the Wall of Sound, which was popular with girl groups at the time.

Davis' version reached the Top 10 on Country charts, and is considered by oldies enthusiasts to be "the" cover version. Where the Patience and Prudence version has an orchestral backing, the Davis version has a pop band backing of electronic organ, bass and drums, with violin and backup singers.

Cover versions

In addition to the hit versions of the 1960s, the song has been recorded by:


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