Gojčin Crnojević

Gojčin Crnojević
Lord of Zeta
Coat of arms
Reign 1435–1451
Predecessor Đurađ Đurašević
Successor Stefan I Crnojević



Titles and styles

  • knez
  • vojvoda
Noble family Crnojević
Father Đurađ Đurašević
Mother A daughter of Koja Zaharia
Died after 1451
Religion Eastern Orthodox Christianity
  • Serbian vassal
  • Venetian vassal

Gojčin Crnojević (Serbian Cyrillic: Гојчин Црнојевић, 1398–d. after 1451) was a Lord of Zeta, initially as a vassal of the Serbian Despotate until he revolted against Despot Stefan Lazarević. He disappeared from sources in 1451.

Gojčin was the second son of Đurađ Đurašević of the Crnojević noble family.[1] His father and uncle Aleksa were the lords of the territory of Paštrovići (Luštica and hills above Kotor and Budva) during the reign of Balša III (r. 1403–1421).[2] His brothers were Đurašin, Stefanica and another one with an unknown name and historical role.[3] He was mentioned for the first time in 1431.[1] He initially had the title of knez, and later vojvoda.[1] In the beginning, he was the leading character among the brothers.[1] The Crnojevići, initially vassals of the Serbian Despotate, revolted against the Despot; Gojčin was particularly participating.[4] He held good relations with the Republic of Ragusa.[1] Gojčin was registered as a citizen of the Republic of Venice in July 1444. He and his two younger brothers defected to Venice after their older brother concluded his alliance with Stjepan Vukčić Kosača.[5] He had a son, Aleksandar ("Aleksa" or "Leka").



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Gojčin Crnojević
Born: 1398 Died: 1451
Political offices
Preceded by
Đurađ Đurašević
Lord of Zeta
Succeeded by
Stefan I
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