J.U.F. (album)

Gogol Bordello vs. Tamir Muskat
Studio album by J.U.F.
Released 2004
Genre Gypsy punk, Dub
Length 54:58
Label Stinky
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Gogol Bordello vs. Tamir Muskat
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Gogol Bordello vs. Tamir Muskat
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J.U.F. is a collaboration between Gogol Bordello and Tamir Muskat released in 2004 by Stinky Records. The name is inspired by German industrial band Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, who got their name from the GDR state organization Deutsch-Sowjetische Freundschaft (German-Soviet Friendship).

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Gypsy Part of Town"   4:55
2. "When I Was a Little Spy"   4:53
3. "Super Rifle (Balkan Express Train Robbery)"   5:02
4. "J.U.F. Dub"   4:33
5. "Bassar (Spanish Car Service Special)"   3:31
6. "Last Wish of the Bride"   4:58
7. "Onto Transmigration"   5:44
8. "Balkanization of Amerikanization"   5:20
9. "Roumania"   3:34
10. "Panic So Charming (What the Fuck Style)"   3:53
11. "Samiao's Day"   2:55
12. "Muskat (Slishal, No Ne Zapisal)"   5:32

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