Gnaeus Manlius Vulso

Gnaeus Manlius Vulso (fl. 189 BC) was a Roman consul for the year 189 BC, together with Marcus Fulvius Nobilior. He led a victorious campaign against the Galatian Gauls of Asia Minor in 189 BC during the Galatian War. He may have been awarded a triumph in 187 BC. Florus has the senate turn down his application, but Livy describes his triumphal procession in elaborate detail.[1] The Fasti Triumphales has a lacuna in what could be the relevant position.

Vulso was a patrician[2] who belonged to the ancient gens Manlia, but his connection with the better known Torquatus branch is unknown. He may have been descended from Aulus (or Gaius) Manlius Cn.f. Vulso, consul in 474 BC; or from Lucius Manlius A.f. Vulso Longus, consul in 256 and 250 BC.

A. Manlius Cn.f. Vulso, consul eleven years later in 178 BC, may have been his younger brother.

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  1. Livy, 39, 6-7. Florus, Epitome Rerum Romanarum, 1, 27.
  2. At this time, Romans still elected one patrician and one plebeian consul. Since Nobilior came from a famous plebeian family, Vulso was therefore a patrician. The Manlii were also well-known patricians.
Political offices
Preceded by
Lucius Cornelius Scipio Asiaticus and Gaius Laelius
Consul of the Roman Republic
with Marcus Fulvius Nobilior
189 BC
Succeeded by
Gaius Livius Salinator and Marcus Valerius Messalla

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