Globus II

Globus II (2009)

Globus II is a radar station located at 70°22′02″N 31°07′38″E / 70.3671°N 31.1271°E / 70.3671; 31.1271 in Vardø, Norway, near the Russian border.[1]

Purpose and use

The site is administrated by the Norwegian Intelligence Service, which states that the radar is used for:[2]

The radar was previously known as "Have Stare" and located at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. It was made by Raytheon, who previously described it on their website as a radar "originally designed to collect intelligence data against ballistic missiles". The website has since then been removed by request of the US DoD.[3][4]

The radar, which uses a mechanically steered 27-meter dish antenna, is believed to have similar, though probably somewhat more limited, capabilities as the newer American Sea-based X-band Radar used in the Anti-ballistic missile system.

Administration and funding

The radar is administered by the Norwegian Intelligence Service. It is however believed to be connected to the US radar network. Although the cost of the radar is secret it is believed to have cost more than 100 million US dollars[5] and that it was financed by the United States. The Norwegian intelligence service claims that it is operated by Norwegian personnel only and that data is not transferred real-time. What is to be considered real-time is however disputed as such radar-stations collect too much information for it to be transferred live. Instead, information is typically automatically filtered on location and transferred in batches every 30–90 seconds.


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