Glatt Valley

The upper Glatt Valley as seen from Uster-Nossikon (March 2010)

The Glatt Valley (German: Glattal or Glatttal) is a region and a river valley in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland.


The River Glatt is a tributary of the River Rhine in the Zürcher Unterland area of the Canton of Zurich. It is 38.5 km (23.9 mi) long and flows out from the Greifensee thru its river valley, discharging into the Rhine by Rheinsfelden.

The Region Glatttal comprises, among other communities in the districts of Uster, Dielsdorf and Bülach, the suburban cities and municipalities of Bassersdorf, Bülach, Dietlikon, Dübendorf, Fällanden, Glattfelden, Höri, Kloten, Oberglatt, Opfikon-Glattbrugg, Rümlang, Schwerzenbach, Wallisellen and Wangen-Brüttisellen. In addition, the districts 11 and 12 (so-called Zürich-Nord) of the city of Zürich, consisting of the quarters of Affoltern, Oerlikon and Seebach respectively Hirzenbach, Saatlen and Schwamendingen Mitte, are located in the Glattal.

Economics and transport

The Glattal is heavily populated thanks to the good location factor, among them Zürich Airport, excellent infrastructure, growing economics and attractive residential area. A negative location factor is the high noise impact of Zürich Airport. In Opfikon, the project Glattpark will realize by 2014 habitat for about 7,000 inhabitants and an equal number of jobs.[1] In Zürich Oerlikon, Seebach and Affoltern, the urban-looking residential neighborhood Neu-Oerlikon was built within the last 10 years.[2] The society glow Glattal, operated by the municipalities, is intended to enhance networking of the region and to realise those common projects.[3]

The Glatt Valley has excellent transport links: Zurich Airport is located in Kloten, Zurich Oerlikon railway station is one of the 15 most frequented railway stations in Switzerland. Stadtbahn Glattal is a modern rapid-transit system. It connects (Phase 1B, as of 2009) Zürich Hauptbahnhof and Zürich Airport, via Opfikon and Glattbrugg, by the Zürich tram line 10, in addition to the services of SBB-CFF-FFS (InterRegio and InterCity) and S-Bahn Zürich on the lines S2, S3, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S14, S15 and S16. Within the city of Zürich and in the surrounding municipalities, Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ) provide additional bus line services.


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