Publication information
Publisher Aardvark-Vanaheim
Schedule Bimonthly
Publication date 2008 – 2012
Number of issues 26
Main character(s) glamourpuss
Dr. Norm
Creative team
Writer(s) Dave Sim
Artist(s) Dave Sim
Penciller(s) Dave Sim
Inker(s) Dave Sim
Creator(s) Dave Sim

glamourpuss was a Canadian independent comic book written and illustrated by Dave Sim which was published from April 2008 until July 2012 and ran for 26 issues.[1][2]

The comic was published bimonthly, with 24 pages of story and art. Back issues remained available throughout the comic's print run. An all-in-one trade paperback should eventually be made available (the series collected in one volume upon completion).

One of the stories within Glamourpuss about the death of comic illustrator Alex Raymond remained uncompleted at the time of the last issue but will eventually be published as The Strange Death of Alex Raymond in the near future.

The premise of the book is threefold: a parody of fashion magazines, a history of photorealism in comics, and a surreal super-heroine comic.

Issue four of the book was offered with "Zombie" variant covers, featuring "zombie-fied" covers instead of the traditional fashion magazine versions.

Issue 18, March 2011, featured the first new Cerebus comic book story in seven years.



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