Glamoč Fortress

Glamoč Fortress
Glamočka tvrđava
Glamoč, Bosnia
Glamoč Fortress
Coordinates 44°02′31″N 16°50′38″E / 44.041969°N 16.84401°E / 44.041969; 16.84401
Site information
Open to
the public
Condition Ruined
Site history
Built from Medieval Ages to Ottoman period
In use until 1882 (until 1882)
Materials stone
Garrison information
Tvrtko I of Bosnia, Grgur Stjepanić, Stephen Ostoja of Bosnia, Pavao Maštrović Klešić[1]

Glamoč fortress (Bosnian: Glamočka tvrđava) is a medieval fortress located on the north slopes of Staretina mountain just above town of Glamoč. The construction of the fortress started as early as 14th century.



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