Giuseppe Valiani

Giuseppe Valiani (Pistoia, April 26, 1730 - April 6, 1800) was an Italian painter.


He was a pupil of Vincenzo Meucci in Florence. He then traveled with Marchese Francesco Albergati to Bologna, for whom he painted in the Villa at Zola Predosa. In Bologna, he was soon admitted to the Accademia Clementina, where he was director and for a term, president.[1] He also completed frescoes in houses in Bologna for the Tanara, Pallavicini, Bianchi, and Isolani families. In Venice he painted a ceiling in one of the theaters. In Pistoia, he painted frescoes for the Villa Ippoliti in Merlo, and the Villa Forteguerri in Spazzavento.[2]

His nephew, Bartolomeo Valiani, was his pupil and also a painter.


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