Giuseppe Spataro

Giuseppe Spataro (12 June 1897 – 30 January 1979) was an Italian political figure. Spataro was born in Vasto, Italy to Anna and Alfonso Nasci, who were a high-class Italian family, in the urban center within the province Chieti.

After studying in his birth city of Vasto, Spataro transferred to a boarding school called Montecassino in 1908, the adjustment to this new life made easier by the death of his father in 1910. In 1914, Spataro incepted his time at Facolta di Giurisprudenza in Rome, and earned his diploma in 1919.

During the First World War, Spataro served as a "corpo specializzato del Genio, later to be promoted as an official.

Already distinguished within the main catholic-roman journalist firms, he became an exponent member of FUCI. In 1919, he was elected vice president, later advanced as president of FUCI in 1920. Following his presidency at FUCI, Spataro was elected vice-president at another organization called Pax Romana. Eventually, Spataro’s close relations with Luigi Sturzo- led to his membership to the Roman sector of the Partito Popolare Italiano, or the Italian Popular Party in 1919. From 1921 to 1925, Spataro served as the sole national vice-secretary.

In 1923, Spataro married Letizia De Giorgio, and later had 3 children: Alfonso, Anna and PierGiorgio. Following his marriage, in June 1925, Spataro became the principal organizer of the international “V” congress of the party. Soon after, from 1945-1946, he became the vice secretary of internal affairs, in 1946, he was elected member of the National council and president of RAI. Through his control of this radio, and then television programming, Spataro was able to create the basis for his future Democratic-Christian control over the media. He held this post, until 1950, when he stepped down as president of RAI to assume position as minister of communications. In 1953, Spataro became minister of social work, and between 1953-1954, Spataro rose as vice secretary of the Partito Popolare. In 1960, he became the minister of “Marina mercantile” and the minister of internal affairs as well as the minister of transportation. In 1959, Spataro resumed his work as minister of telecommunications until 1962. Between 1964 until his death in 1979, Spataro served as president of the Istituto Luigi Sturzo, in Rome, Italy.


12 June 1897 Spataro is born in Vasto

1908 Goes to boarding school, Montecassino for further studies

1910 Father, Alfonso Nasci dies

1914 Attends Facolta di Giurisprudenza (law school) in Rome

1919 Receives degree in law

1920 Elected president of FUCI

1921 Elected President of Pax Romana

1923 Marries Letizia De Giorgio

1924-1925 Serves as sole vice president and representative of the company which manages publications of ”Il Popolo”

June 1925 Spataro chosen as principal organizer of the international “V Congress” of the Partito Popolare

1945-1946 Spataro serves as vice internal affairs secretary

1946 -Becomes member of National Council and is nominated president of RAI

1950-1953 Becomes minister of telecommunications

1953-1954 Appointed minister of social work and vice secretary of the Partito Popolare

1958-1959 Becomes minister of “Marina mercantile”

1960 Appointed Minister of Transportation

1960-1962 Became minister of telecommunications (again)

1964-1979 Served as President of the Istituto Luigi Sturzo

1979 Died in Rome


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