Giulio della Rovere

Not to be confused with Giuliano della Rovere, who became Pope Julius II.
Coat of Arms of Cardinal Giulio della Rovere.

Giulio della Rovere, also known as Giulio Feltrio della Rovere (5 April 1533 – 3 September 1578) was an Italian Catholic Cardinal of the della Rovere family.

Della Rovere was the second son of Francesco Maria I della Rovere and Eleonora Gonzaga[1] and the younger brother of Guidobaldo II della Rovere, Duke of Urbino.

As a young boy, Della Rovere was nominated for a position as Cardinal and was officially elevated to Cardinal in 1548 at only 13 years of age.[2] Nevertheless, he later had two illegitimate sons Ippolito[3] and Giuliano. Both were later legitimised, as were their children, by Pope Pius V in 1572 and Ippolito was made Marchese di San Lorenzo.

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