Giovanniccia Candiano

Giovanniccia Candiano, also called Giuliana, was Dogaressa of Venice by her marriage to the Doge Pietro IV Candiano (r. 959976) and mother of future doge Vitale Candiano.

Giovanniccia was not a member of the aristocracy and was previously divorced when Pietro entered into a relationship with her, and when he made her dogaressa after his installation it caused a scandal and a social boycott which damaged the reputation of the doge. Eventually, Pietro was convinced to divorce her and imprison her as a nun in the convent of San Zaccaria. She has been the subject of legends and myths. She is a part of a famous deck of cards featuring the dogaressas of Venice, as the Four of Hearts.


Preceded by
Arcielda Candiano
Dogaressa of Venice
Waldrada of Tuscany
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