Giovanni Vincenzo Gonzaga

Giovanni Vincenzo Gonzaga (1540–1591) was an Italian Roman Catholic cardinal.


A member of the House of Gonzaga, Giovanni Vincenzo Gonzaga was born in Palermo on December 8, 1540, the son of Ferrante Gonzaga and his wife Isabella di Capua.[1] He was the younger brother of Cardinal Francesco Gonzaga and the nephew of Cardinal Ercole Gonzaga.[1]

As a young man, his kinsman Guglielmo Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua called him to Mantua to assist him in the government of the Duchy of Mantua.[1] There, he became a member of the Knights Hospitaller. He was also made Prior of Barletta.[1]

Pope Gregory XIII made him a cardinal deacon in the consistory of February 21, 1578.[1] He received the red hat and the deaconry of San Giorgio in Velabro on November 21, 1578.[1] On December 19, 1583, he opted for the deaconry of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.[1]

He participated in the papal conclave of 1585 that elected Pope Sixtus V.[1] On December 18, 1585, he opted for the order of cardinal priests and his deaconry was raised pro illa vice to the status of a titular church.[1] He opted for the titular church of Santi Bonifacio e Alessio on April 20, 1587.[1] Pope Sixtus V named him auditor of causes for citizens of the Papal States.[1]

He participated in the first papal conclave of 1590 that elected Pope Urban VII; in the second papal conclave of 1590 that elected Pope Gregory XIV; and in the papal conclave of 1591 that elected Pope Innocent IX.[1]

He died in Rome on December 23, 1591.[1] He was buried in his titular church of Santi Bonifacio e Alessio.[1]


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