Jordan of Santa Susanna

Jordan (Italian: Giordano Bobone Orsini; died after 1154) was a Carthusian monk, created Cardinal Deacon by Pope Lucius II in December 1144 and then Cardinal Priest of Santa Susanna by Eugene III on 21 December 1145.[1] He is often referred to as a member of the Roman family of the Orsini, but more recent research concludes that he was probably a Frenchman.[2] He served as Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church under Eugene III (attested 8 March 1147 until 1151) and subscribed the papal bulls between 9 January 1145 and 11 June 1154.[1]

He was described by John of Salisbury as mean and parsimonious and dressing in filthy rags as a gesture of austerity. When he was sent with Octavian of Santa Cecilia as a papal legate to summon Conrad III of Germany to Italy to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor, he quarrelled with his co-legate and, in the words of Salisbury, "made the Church a laughingstock."[3]

He participated in the papal election of 1153[4] and perhaps also in the papal election of 1154.[5] The date of his death is uncertain.[6]


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