Giordano (store)

Public company SEHK: 0709
Industry Retail
Founded Hong Kong, 1981.[1]
Headquarters Hong Kong
Key people

Peter Lau, Chairman & CEO[2]
Ishwar Bhagwandas CHUGANI[2]
Dominic Leo Richard IRWIN[2]
CHAN Ka Wai[2]
CHENG Chi Kong, Adrian[2]
CHAN Sai Cheong[2]
Barry John BUTTIFANT[2]
KWONG Ki Chi, GBS, JP[2]

Simon Devilliers RUDOLPH [2]
Products Apparel

Giordano Junior
Giordano Ladies BSX

Beau Monde
Revenue Increase HK$ $54.5 billion (2014)[3]
Increase HK$ 408 million (2014)[4]
Number of employees
~ 8,100 (2014)[5]

Giordano, NE Pacific Mall, Cabanatuan City, Philippines
Chinese 佐丹奴

Giordano International Limited (Giordano or the Company)is a Hong Kong-based international retailer of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories. Established in 1981, Giordano now employs over 8,100 staff with over 2,400 shops operating in more than 30 countries worldwide.[6][7] Its current Chairman and CEO is Dr. Lau Kwok Kuen, Peter.[2] The Company is one of Asia-Pacific's most successful retailers and its brands include "Giordano", "Giordano Junior", "Giordano Ladies", "BSX" and "Beau Monde".[8][9] Giordano has been listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1991 and trades under ticker symbol 709.HK.[10]


Giordano was founded in 1981 by Jimmy Lai.

The Company now operates in a number of markets, including Hong Kong, Philippines,Taiwan, China, South Korea, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and Japan, as well as emerging markets, such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. Jimmy Lai’s association with the company ceased entirely in 1996 and Dr. Lau Kwok Kuen, Peter is now the Company’s Chairman and CEO.


Giordano Men & Giordano Women

Launched in 1981, Giordano’s house brand has been the core brand of the Company from the outset, offering both men’s and women’s casual apparel.[11]

Giordano Ladies..

Giordano Ladies caters to women. Launched in 1997.[11]

Giordano Junior

Giordano Junior offers children’s wear.[11]


First launched in 1999 as a value-oriented basics brand, Bluestar Exchange was re-branded as BSX in 2007. [11]

Beau Monde

Beau Monde is one of Giordano’s newest brands, offering basic everyday clothing at reasonable prices. Launched in 2014, Beau Monde stores are primarily located in residential and shopping districts in China and Taiwan.[11]


Giordano adopts a mix of product and thematic marketing with varying life cycles as a way to build brand personality and communicate its brand values. These campaigns change frequently and include the use of celebrity endorsement, crossover programmes with partner organizations, in-store activities and merchandise. Notable case studies of Giordano’s marketing campaigns are listed below.

Life is a Journey

Giordano invited 11 creative units from different Asian countries to participate in the "Asia Design Power x Giordano – Life is a journey" campaign. The 11 creative units hailed from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Thailand, including legendary Hong Kong designer Dr. Kan Tai-Keung SBS, renowned international fashion designer Dorian Ho, Prudence Mak, creative director of the Chocolate Rain brand, famed Hong Kong stylist Tina Liu, Taiwanese toy collector Jen Huang, the creative outfit of TO-FU Oyako Shin, Japanese toy designer Touma as well as Korean designer and creator Esther Kim. To further reinforce the campaign, Giordano also invited Wang Chien-yang, the Taiwanese artist/photographer highly praised by the media and the contemporary art scene, to act as creative director of the campaign photo shoot, which also featured Chrissie Chow as the campaign’s celebrity model.[12]

Monsters University

Giordano teamed up with Disney - Pixar to celebrate the movie, "Monsters University" in 2013, releasing an exclusive line of apparel. A group of elite university athletes was invited to act as models for this campaign, as Giordano believes that these energetic athletes can positively influence young people.


Giordano kicked off the Spring/Summer 2009 Season with the launch of the "Cheer-U-Up" collection of crossover T-shirts produced in collaboration with Mr. Jim Chim Sui-man, the Hong Kong-based stage acor and comedian noted for his distinctive brand of humour, physical movement on stage and performance style. The project was motivated by a common desire between Mr. Jim and Giordano to use humour to raise people’s spirits and encourage them to remain positive in the face of the global financial tsunami at the time.[13]

Social Responsibility

Giordano formally adopted its Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") policy statement in January 2005. [14]

Giordano has carried out and participated in a number of CSR events and campaigns over the years. Particularly noteworthy is Project Hope; thus far, Giordano has funded the construction of 22 Giordano Good Hope Primary schools. In line with Giordano’s belief in a "World Without Strangers", Giordano has also actively supported various disaster relief activities, including donating clothes to victims of the 2005 Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami in Southeast Asia as well as the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, where Giordano donated HK$140,000 worth of clothes to CARE-Nepal.[15]

Giordano organizes various activities, including seminars on healthy living, for its employees to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance. Various interest groups are also active in organizing different sports events and leisure activities which employees can participate at minimal or no cost.[16]

Mainland China

Giordano entered the Mainland Chinese market in 1992. The first two stores were opened in Guangzhou in September 1992. Starting from the Pearl River Delta area, Giordano gradually expanded its retail network in China. It now operates over 945 stores in all major cities, with flagship stores including Nanjing Dong Lu in Shanghai and Lijiang in Yunnan.[17]

Hong Kong

Giordano was founded in Hong Kong in 1981. The company now operates 73 shops in Hong Kong, including a 2-storey flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui.[18]


Giordano opened its first retail outlet in Taiwan in 1988. As of March 2015, Giordano operates 197 shops in Taiwan, including 3 flagship stores; namely, the Songjiang Store in Zhongshan, Taipei, the Wufu store in the XinXing District of Kaohsiung and the Central Square Store in Taichung North District.[19]

South Korea

Established in 1994, Giordano is one of the leading apparel retailers in South Korea, offering an extensive collection of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories. Its retail network includes 208 shops from as far north as Seoul to Busan in the south. Giordano’s most prominent stores include those in the Lotte Department Stores in the Pyoungchon and Garosulgil districts, as well as its flagship stores Gangnam and Myeong-dong.[20]


Giordano is one of the top 5 clothing retailers in the Arab region. The average size of Giordano stores in the Middle East are between 1000-2000 square feet. The brand also operates flagship stores of over 7,500 square feet in key locations such as Deira City Center and Dubai Mall in the UAE. Since its inception in 1993 and its first retail outlet at Bur Juman Centre, Dubai, Giordano Middle East now operates 240 stores in 23 countries across the region.[21]

All regional operations for Giordano Middle-East are run out of its Dubai head office in the United Arab Emirates.

Countries in which Giordano operates(Non-exhaustive)




Eastern Europe

Middle East


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