Giant's Grave, Cumbria

Giant's Grave
Location Cumbria
Coordinates 54°13′06″N 3°19′35″W / 54.21833°N 3.32633°W / 54.21833; -3.32633Coordinates: 54°13′06″N 3°19′35″W / 54.21833°N 3.32633°W / 54.21833; -3.32633
Architectural style(s) British pre-Roman Architecture
Location of Giant's Grave in Cumbria

Giant's Grave (grid reference SD135810) are two standing stones at the foot of Black Combe in Cumbria, England. The smaller stone has three cup and ring marks whilst the taller has only one. The grave is accessible via the A595 road in a field near the level crossing.[1]


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