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The Ghinda horizon.

Location in Eritrea

Coordinates: 15°27′N 39°05′E / 15.450°N 39.083°E / 15.450; 39.083Coordinates: 15°27′N 39°05′E / 15.450°N 39.083°E / 15.450; 39.083
Country Eritrea
Region Northern Red Sea
District Ghinda
Climate Aw

Ghinda is a town in the Northern Red Sea region of Eritrea. It is situated in the Ghinda Subregion, and lies between Asmara and Massawa.


Ghinda is a major fruit and vegetable growing area and a centre for Tigre Muslims. It lies near the springs of Sabarguma. The citrus plantations were originally planted by Carlo Cavanna, an Italian from Centenaro who directed the construction of the Eritrean Railway, the first railway in Italian Eritrea.

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