Gertrude of Hohenburg

Gertrude of Hohenberg

The Queen's tomb in the Münster of Basel
German Queen
Tenure 1273–1281
Born c. 1215
Died 16 February 1281
Vienna, Austria
Spouse Rudolph I of Germany
Issue Albert I of Germany
Rudolf II, Duke of Austria
Matilda, Duchess of Bavaria
Catherine, Duchess of Bavaria
Agnes, Electress of Saxony
Hedwig, Margravine of Brandenburg
Clementia, Queen of Hungary
Judith, Queen of Bohemia
Father Burkhard V, Count of Hohenberg
Mother Matilda of Tübingen

Gertrude of Hohenberg (c. 1215 16 February 1281) was the first wife of Rudolph I of Germany.[1]

Gertrude was born to Burkhard V, Count of Hohenberg (d. 1253), and his wife, Matilda of Tübingen. In 1251, Gertrude married Rudolph IV, Count of Habsburg. They had eleven children:

  1. Matilda (ca. 1253, Rheinfelden – 23 December 1304, Munich), married 1273 in Aachen to Louis II, Duke of Bavaria and became mother of Rudolf I, Count Palatine of the Rhine and Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.
  2. Albert I of Germany (July 1255 – 1 May 1308), Duke of Austria and also of Styria.
  3. Catherine (1256 – 4 April 1282, Landshut), married 1279 in Vienna to Otto III, Duke of Bavaria who later (after her death) became the disputed King Bela V of Hungary and left no surviving issue.
  4. Agnes [Gertrude] (ca. 1257 – 11 October 1322, Wittenberg), married 1273 to Albert II, Duke of Saxony and became the mother of Rudolf I, Duke of Saxe-Wittenberg.
  5. Hedwig (ca. 1259 – 26 January 1285/27 October 1286), married 1270 in Vienna to Otto VI, Margrave of Brandenburg-Salzwedel and left no issue.
  6. Clementia (ca. 1262 – after 7 February 1293), married 1281 in Vienna to Charles Martel of Anjou, the Papal claimant to the throne of Hungary and mother of king Charles I of Hungary, as well as of queen Clementia of France, herself the mother of the baby king John I of France.
  7. Hartmann (1263, Rheinfelden – 21 December 1281), drowned in Rheinau.
  8. Rudolf II, Duke of Austria and Styria (1270 – 10 May 1290, Prague), titular Duke of Swabia, father of John the Patricide of Austria.
  9. Judith of Habsburg (Jutte/Bona) (13 March 1271 – 18 June 1297, Prague), married 24 January 1285 to King Wenceslaus II of Bohemia and became the mother of king Wenceslaus III of Bohemia, Poland and Hungary, of queen Anne of Bohemia (1290–1313), duchess of Carinthia, and of queen Elisabeth of Bohemia (1292–1330), countess of Luxembourg.
  10. Samson (bef. 19 Oct 1275 – died young).
  11. Charles (14 February 1276 – 16 August 1276).

Her husband was elected King of Germany in Frankfurt on 29 September 1273, largely due to the efforts of her cousin Frederick III, Burgrave of Nuremberg. Rudolph was crowned in Aachen on 24 October 1273. She served as his Queen consort for the following eight years.

She died in Vienna, early in 1281. Rudolph remained a widower for three years and proceeded to marry Isabelle of Burgundy.



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Preceded by
Elisabeth of Bavaria
Queen consort of Germany
29 September 1273 – 16 February 1281
Succeeded by
Isabelle of Burgundy

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