Gertrude of Baden

Gertrude of Baden
Spouse(s) Count Albert II of Dagsburg


Noble family House of Zähringen
Father Hermann IV, Margrave of Baden
Mother Bertha of Tübingen
Born Before 1160
Died Before 1225

Gertrude of Baden (before 1160 before 1225) was a Margravine of Baden by birth and by marriage a Countess of Dagsburg. She was a daughter[1] of Margrave Hermann III of Baden and his wife, Bertha of Tübingen.

Marriages and issue

Gertrude married in 1180 to Albert II of Dagsburg (d. 1211). With him she had two sons, Henry and William, and a daughter, Gertrude (d. 1225). Both sons were killed in a tournament in Andain in 1202, so that the noble family of the Etichonids died out in the male line with Albert II in 1211. This left her daughter Gertrude as heiress of the county of Dagsburg.

Her daughter Gertrude married in 1215 in her first marriage to Duke Theobald I of Lorraine. In 1217, she married her second husband, Count Theobald IV of Champagne, who was also King of Navarre from 1234 as Theobald I. Theobald, however, repudiated her before 1223. In 1224, she married her third husband, Simon III of Saarbrücken and Leiningen (d. 1234/36), the son of Count Frederick II of Leiningen and Saarbrücken. When she died childless, her third husband Simon of Leiningen inherited the county of Dagsburg, thus creating the Leiningen-Dagsburg line.


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Gertrude of Baden
Born: before 1160 Died: before 1225
Preceded by
Albert II
Countess of Dagsburg
Succeeded by
Theobald I

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