Gerlach I, Count of Nassau

Gerlach I of Nassau (between 1275 and 1283 7 January 1361), Count of Nassau in Wiesbaden, Idstein, Weilburg, and Weilnau.


He was a son of Emperor Adolf of Nassau-Weilburg and Imagina of Isenburg-Limburg. In 1344 he abdicated.

Family and children

He was married two times. First, 1307 with Agnes, a daughter of Agnes of Bavaria, Margravine of Brandenburg-Stendal and her first husband Henry the Younger, and hence a granddaughter of Landgrave Henry I "the Child" of Hesse and had the following children:

  1. Adolph I, Count of Nassau-Wiesbaden-Idstein (1307 17 January 1370, Idstein).
  2. John I of Nassau-Weilburg (1309 20 September 1371, Weilburg).
  3. Gerlach (1322 12 February 1371, Aschaffenburg), Archbishop of Mainz.
  4. Adelheid (d. 8 August 1344), married 1329 to Ulrich III, Lord of Hanau.
  5. Agnes, a nun at Klarenthal Abbey.
  6. Elisabeth (ca. 1326ca. 1370), married before 16 August 1326 to Louis of Hohenlohe.
  7. Marie (d. 1366), married before 1336 to Konrad of Weinsberg.

Second, he married before 4 January 1337 Irmgard of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim, daughter of Kraft II of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim and had the following children:

  1. Kraft of Nassau-Sonnenberg (d. 1356), fell in the Battle of Poitiers.
  2. Rupert, Count of Nassau-Sonnenberg (d. 4 September 1390).


Gerlach I, Count of Nassau
Born: before 1288 Died: 7 January 1361
Preceded by
Count of Nassau-Wiesbaden-Idstein
Succeeded by
Adolph I
Count of Nassau-Weilburg
Succeeded by
John I

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