Gerhard VI of Jülich, Count of Berg and Ravensberg

Gerhard VI of Jülich, Count of Berg and Ravensberg
Spouse(s) Margaret of Ravensberg
Noble family House of Jülich
Father William V, Duke of Jülich
Mother Joanna of Hainaut
Born c. 1325
Died 18 May 1360(1360-05-18)
Buried Altenberg Abbey

Gerhard VI of Jülich, Count of Berg and Ravensberg (c.1325 – 18 May 1360) was the son of William V, Duke of Jülich and Joanna of Hainaut.[1]

Gerhard was betrothed in 1333 (renewed 1342) to Margaret of Guelders, daughter of Rainald II of Guelders and Sophia Betrout. However, this marriage was never consummated, likely due either to Rainald's death in 1343 or Margaret's death in 1344.
Gerhard was subsequently married about 1344 to Margaret of Ravensberg, heiress of Berg and Ravensberg (died 13/19 February 1389), daughter of Otto IV, Count of Ravensberg and Margaret of Berg. Margaret's father Otto had no sons so at his death in 1328, the County of Ravensberg went to his brother Bernhard. However, when Bernhard died in 1346 without issue, Margaret became the heir of Ravensberg, her elder sister Hedwig having died in 1336.
Then, when Margaret's uncle, Count Adolf IX of Berg, died in 1348 without issue, Margaret also inherited Berg by right of her mother. Thus, the titles to Berg and Ravensberg came into the house of Jülich where they remained until 1511 when they passed into the house of Cleves.

Gerhard completed several ineffective protective alliances and stood against the Archbishop of Cologne. He won Hardenberg, Neviges, Langenberg, Remangen and Kaiserswerth, among others.

Gerhard died 18 May 1360 in a tournament in Düsseldorf and is buried with his wife in the Altenberg Abbey.

Family and children

Gerhard and his wife Margaret of Ravensberg had three children:

  1. Elisabeth (c. 1346 – aft. 1388), married Henry VI, Count of Waldeck
  2. William (c. 1348 – 1408), his successor
  3. Margaret (c. 1350 – 1425/29), married Adolph I of Cleves-Mark


16. William III of Jülich (c. 1172–1218)
8. William IV, Count of Jülich (c. 1210–1278)
17. Matilda of Limburg (c. 1192–after 1234)
4. Gerhard V of Jülich (bef. 1250–1328)
18. Gerard III, Count of Guelders (1185–1229)
9. Richardis of Guelders (c. 1215–1293/98)
19. Margaret of Brabant (c. 1185–1231)
2. William V, Duke of Jülich (c. 1299–1361)
20. Henry III, Duke of Brabant (c. 1230–1261)
10. Godfrey of Brabant (c. 1255–1302)
21. Adelaide of Burgundy (c. 1233–1273)
5. Elizabeth of Brabant-Aarschot (c. 1280–1350/55)
22. Hervé IV, Lord of Vierzon (?–1270)
11. Jeanne, dame de Vierzon (c. 1260–bef. 1296)
23. Jeanne de Brenne (?–1298)
1. Gerhard VI of Jülich, Count of Berg and Ravensberg
24. John I, Count of Hainaut (1218–1257)
12. John II, Count of Holland (1247–1304)
25. Adelaide of Holland (c. 1230–1284)
6. William I, Count of Hainaut (1286–1337)
26. Henry V of Luxembourg (1216–1281)
13. Philippa of Luxembourg (1252–1311)
27. Margaret of Bar (1220–1275)
3. Joanna of Hainaut (1311/13–1374)
28. Philip III of France (1245–1285)
14. Charles of Valois (1270–1325)
29. Isabella of Aragon (1247–1271)
7. Joan of Valois (c. 1294–1342)
30. Charles II of Naples (1254–1309)
15. Margaret, Countess of Anjou (1273–1299)
31. Maria of Hungary, Queen of Naples (c. 1257–1323)


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Gerhard VI of Jülich, Count of Berg and Ravensberg
Born: c. 1325 Died: 18 May 1360
Preceded by
Adolf IX
Count of Berg
(de jure uxoris)

Succeeded by
William VII
Preceded by
Bernard of Ravensberg
Count of Ravensberg
(de jure uxoris)

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