Gerhard VII, Duke of Jülich-Berg

Gerhard VII, Duke of Jülich-Berg

Duke Gerhard VII of Jülich-Berg. Miniature of 1480
Spouse(s) Sophie of Saxe-Lauenburg
Noble family House of Jülich
Father William VIII of Jülich, Count of Ravensberg
Mother Adelheid of Tecklenburg
Born c. 1416
Died 19 August 1475(1475-08-19)
Lülsdorf Castle, Niederkassel

Gerhard VII, Duke of Jülich-Berg (c.1416 – 19 August 1475) was the son of William VIII of Jülich, Count of Ravensberg and Adelheid of Tecklenburg. Gerhard was the second duke of the combined Duchy of Jülich-Berg but the 7th Gerhard in the House of Jülich.[1]

Upon his father's death in 1428, Gerhard became Count of Ravensberg. In 1437, his uncle Adolf died without heirs and Gerhard inherited his title as Duke of Jülich-Berg. Gerhard continued his uncle's fight for the dukedom of Guelders, supported by King Albert II of Germany. In 1444 he won the Battle of Linnich but was unable to prevail in his fight for Guelders and ultimately sold his claim to Burgundy and acquired Blankenheim-Löwenberg and Heinsberg from Guelders. He was increasingly unable to govern his territories after 1461. His spouse Sophie of Saxe-Lauenburg then wielded regency for him.

Family and children

In 1444, Gerhard married Sophie of Saxe-Lauenburg (1428 – 9 September 1473), daughter of Bernard II, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg. They had the following children:

  1. William (1455–1511), succeeded his father as Duke of Jülich-Berg
  2. Adolf (1458–1470)
  3. Gerhard (died young)
  4. Anna, married John III, Count of Mörs and Saarwerden


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Gerhard VII, Duke of Jülich-Berg
Born: c. 1416 Died: 19 August 1475
German nobility
Preceded by
William II
Count of Ravensberg
Succeeded by
William IV
as William III, Count of Ravensberg
William IV, Duke of Jülich-Berg
Preceded by
Adolph VII
Duke of Jülich-Berg
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