Gerhard Hessenberg

Gerhard Hessenberg
Born (1874-08-16)16 August 1874
Died 16 November 1925(1925-11-16) (aged 51)
Nationality German
Fields Mathematics
Institutions University of Breslau
Alma mater University of Berlin
Doctoral advisor Hermann Schwarz
Lazarus Fuchs
Doctoral students Edwin Feyer
Moritz Finzi
Frank Löbell
Known for Hessenberg sum and product

Gerhard Hessenberg (Frankfurt, 16 August 1874 – Berlin, 16 November 1925) was a German mathematician. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Berlin in 1899 under the guidance of Hermann Schwarz and Lazarus Fuchs. His name is usually associated with projective geometry, where he is known for proving that Desargues' theorem is a consequence of Pappus's hexagon theorem,[1] and differential geometry where he is known for introducing the concept of a connection.[2][3] He was also a set theorist: the Hessenberg sum and product of ordinals are named after him. However, Hessenberg matrices are named for Karl Hessenberg, a near relative.



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