Gerardo Taracena

Gerardo Taracena

Taracena in 2016
Born 1970
Mexico City, Mexico

Gerardo Taracena (born 1970) is a Mexican film and theatre actor and dancer. He is known for his roles in Apocalypto, Man on Fire, American Family, The Mexican and Sin Nombre. He was born in Mexico City.


Early life

Gerardo Taracena studied Dramatic Art in the University Center of Theater of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In 1992 he acted in diverse festivals of theater and dance with the group of dance Integro of Peru, until 1996.[1]


He is known to have taken part in a diverse selection of festivals across the whole of Latin America, and has performed in more than 30 works of theatrical acts. Gerardo Taracena was also enrolled in the theatrical group, Theater Myth.[1] His production on film and TV has grown both in Mexico and the United States. He appeared in the Mexican film Saving Private Perez, released in 2011, with fellow Mexican actor Jaime Camil.[2]


Year Title Role
2001 The Mexican Reveler to Fire Gun
2004 Man on Fire Executive Adjutant
2005 The Violin
2006 Apocalypto Middle Eye
2009 Sin Nombre Horacio
2009 Deseo Marino
2009 La casa de las sanaciones
2010 Sanguinarios Del M1 Junco
2011 Saving Private Perez Carmelo Benavides
2012 A World for Raúl Raúl's father


2012 Get the Gringo Ramiro


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