Gerald VI, Count of Armagnac

Gerald VI, Count of Armagnac

Seal of Gerald VI
Spouse(s) Mathe de Béarn
Noble family House of Armagnac
Father Roger d'Armagnac, Viscount of Fezensaguet
Mother Pincelle d'Albret
Born 1235
Died 1285

Gerald VI, (1235–1285), was Viscount Fezensaguet from 1240 to 1285, then Count of Armagnac and Fezensac from 1256 to 1285. He was the son of Roger d'Armagnac, Viscount of Fezensaguet, and Pincelle d'Albret.[1][2]


In 1249 he contested the possession of Armagnac and Fézensac which led to war with Arnaud Odon, Viscount Lomagne and Auvillars, husband of Mascarós I of Armagnac, heir to the counties of Armagnac and Fezensac and father of Mascarós Lomagne II. In this war Gerald was supported by his overlord, Count Raymond VII of Toulouse. Captured, he was released for ransom and continued the fight successfully. During his captivity, his mother, Pincelle d'Albret, presented in his name the county of Fezensaguet as tribute to Alphonse of Poitiers, the successor of Raymond VII, in return for continued support. It was not until 1255 that Gaston, Viscount of Bearn, managed to reconcile the adversaries.

In 1256, after the death of the childless Mascarós II Lomagne, Gerald, being her closest relative, inherited the counties of Armagnac and Fezensac. Following numerous quarrels with the Seneschal of Languedoc, he was captured and imprisoned two years in the castle of Peronne. Liberated, he paid homage to Edward I, King of England.

Marriage and children

In 1260, he married Mathe de Béarn (1250 † ap.1317), daughter of Gaston, Viscount of Bearn and Mathe, Countess of Bigorre.[3]

They had six children:


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Gerald VI, Count of Armagnac
Born: 1235 Died: 1285
Preceded by
Eskivat de Chabanais
Count of Armagnac
Succeeded by
Bernard VI
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