George D. Vernescu

George D. Vernescu in an 1881 lithograph

George D. Vernescu (July 1, 1829 in Bucharest July 3, 1900 in Bucharest) was a Romanian politician and jurist who served as the Minister of Administration and Interior from April 27, 1876 until January 27, 1876, Minister of Justice from November 12, 1888 until March 22, 1889, as the Minister of Finance from March 29, 1889 until November 3, 1889 and February 21, 1891 until November 25, 1891 and other ministries for a short period of time. He was member of the National Liberal Party until 1880, when he became the president of Onest Liberal Party, and got back in PNL in 1891.

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