George IX of Kartli

George IX (Georgian: გიორგი IX, Giorgi IX) (died 1539) was a king of the Georgian kingdom of Kartli from 1525 to 1527 (or 1534).

The second son of the Georgian king Constantine II, he succeeded on the abdication of his elder brother, David X, in 1525. The relations of the king with other members of the royal family were strained. That may have forced George to withdraw to a monastery under the name of Gerasime, leaving the throne to his energetic nephew, Luarsab I. The sources are confused about when exactly George IX abdicated, some claiming it occurred in 1527 (more accepted date) while others placing the event around 1534.

Preceded by
David X
King of Kartli
1525–1527 (alternatively, 1534)
Succeeded by
Luarsab I


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