George IX of Imereti

George IX (Georgian: გიორგი IX; sometimes known as George VII) (1718–1778), of the Bagrationi Dynasty, was King of Imereti in 1741. The third son of George VII of Imereti by his wife Tamar (daughter of Mamia III Gurieli), he was enthroned after his brother Alexander V was ousted in the Ottoman-sponsored coup. Later that year, he was rescinded and Alexander regained the crown. George went into exile to his father-in-law George Lipartiani in Mingrelia, but was allowed to return to Imereti during the reign of his nephew, Solomon I.

George IX was married to Mzekhatun, daughter of Prince Giorgi Lipartiani. They had two sons and three daughters:


    Preceded by
    Alexander V
    King of Imereti
    Succeeded by
    Alexander V

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