George Hogarth

George Hogarth

George Hogarth (6 September 1783 – 12 February 1870) eldest son of Robert Hogarth, a farmer, and his wife, Mary Scott, was a Scottish newspaper editor, music critic, and musicologist. He authored several books on opera and Victorian musical life in addition to contributing articles to various publications.

Born in Carfraemill, Scottish Borders, Hogarth studied law and music at the University of Edinburgh and became a violoncellist and a composer, and acted as joint secretary to the Edinburgh Music Festival. He practiced law during the first two decades of the 19th century; counting among his clients Sir Walter Scott. On 30 May 1814, Hogarth married Georgina Thomson, the daughter of music publisher and editor George Thomson, their marriage producing 14 children. In 1817, Hogarth, his brother-in-law James Ballantyne and Walter Scott bought the Edinburgh Weekly Journal. He first worked as a music critic for The Harmonicon during the 1820s continuing in the early 1830s after moving his family to London. In 1831 Hogarth was editor of a pro-Tory newspaper the Western Luminary, then in 1832 moved to Halifax becoming the first editor of the Halifax Guardian. From 1846–1866 he worked as a music critic for The Daily News, a paper which was founded by the novelist Charles Dickens. He had previously met Dickens in 1834 while they were both working for the Morning Chronicle. In 1836 Dickens married Hogarth's eldest daughter Catherine. One of his younger daughters, Georgina, was Dickens' housekeeper, adviser, and, after Dickens' death, the editor of The Letters Of Charles Dickens From 1833 To 1870. From 1850–1864 Hogarth served as the Royal Philharmonic Society's Secretary. During the last years of his life he worked as an editor for the Evening Chronicle. He died in London in 1870 at the age of 86. He is buried in the Kensal Green Cemetery.



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