George Elliott (surgeon)

George Elliott
Born c. 1636
Died 1668, aged c. 32
Tangier Garrison
Occupation Doctor
Spouse(s) Katherine Maxwell (m. 1654–68)

George Elliott (c. 1636 – Tangier 1668)[1] was the English surgeon to the Earl of Teviot's Regiment.

Elliott was the illegitimate son of Richard Eliot (c. 1614-1660s), the wayward second son of Sir John Eliot and of Catherine Killigrew (1618–1689). George Eliott's grandson Granville Elliott spent much effort in seeking to prove that Richard had married Catherine Killigrew, but he was never able to do so formally. Indeed, visitations survive showing that Richard died a bachelor and her mother's probate documents showing that Catherine was a spinster, aged 38, on 24 December 1656.

Little is known of Elliott's early years until his marriage to Katherine Maxwell in 1654. By 4 May 1663, around the time of the baptism of his second daughter in London, he was recognized as 'Doctor' to the Earl of Teviot's Regiment. He reappeared at the Tangier Garrison in Morocco in May 1664 as the 'Chirurgeon to the Earl of Teviot's Regiment at Tangier', where he lived at the Mole, a waterside fortification.


On 18 January 1654 at St Olave Silver Street, London, Elliott married Katherine Maxwell (c. 1638 – December 1709), the daughter of the Rev. William Maxwell of Minnigaff (d. 1655). They had at least two daughters and one son:

  1. Katherine Elliott (b. cir December 1660 – unknown)
  2. Margaret Elliott (b. cir April 1663 – unknown), who married firstly Richard Andrews and secondly Richard Giles
  3. Roger Elliott (c. 1665 – 15 May 1714), who married Charlotte Elliot

In 1668, Elliott died at Tangier, where he was succeeded as Chirurgeon by his assistant, Robert Spotswood (17 September 1637 – 1680), who also married Elliott's widow.


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