George, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg

Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg

George, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, c.1640
Spouse(s) Anne Eleonore of Hesse-Darmstadt


Noble family Hanover (founder)
Father William, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Mother Dorothea of Denmark
Born (1582-11-17)17 November 1582
Died 2 April 1641(1641-04-02) (aged 58)

George, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (17 November 1582, Celle – 2 April 1641, Hildesheim) ruled as Prince of Calenberg from 1635.

He was a son of William, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1535–1592) and Dorothea of Denmark (1546–1617). His mother was daughter to Christian III of Denmark and Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg. She acted as a regent during the early years of his reign, keeping power from the councillors who had mismanaged the estates during his father's fits of insanity.

In the 1635 redivision of the territories of the House of Welf after the death of Frederick Ulrich of Brunswick-Lüneburg, he received the Principality of Calenberg, which included the former Principality of Göttingen since 1495, while his elder brother Augustus retained the Principality of Lüneburg. George was the first duke to move his residence to Hanover where he laid the foundation for the Leineschloss. After his death, he was succeeded by his son Christian Louis.


George married Anne Eleonore, daughter of Louis V, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, in 1617. They had the following known children:


George's ancestors in three generations
George, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg Father:
William, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Paternal Grandfather:
Ernest I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Henry the Middle, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Margarete of Saxony
Paternal Grandmother:
Sophia of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Henry V, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Ursula of Brandenburg
Dorothea of Denmark
Maternal Grandfather:
Christian III of Denmark
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Frederick I of Denmark
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Anna of Brandenburg
Maternal Grandmother:
Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Magnus I, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Catherine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel


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George, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Cadet branch of the House of Welf
Born: 17 November 1582 Died: 2 April 1641
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Frederick Ulrich
Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Prince of Calenberg

Succeeded by
Christian Louis
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