Georg Uecker

Georg Uecker, 2015
Georg Uecker (right) with Claus Vinçon by Christopher Street Day in Cologne 2005

Georg Uecker (born November 6, 1962 in Munich) is a German actor.

Uecker studied theatre and film, Scandinavian studies and Romance studies at the University of Cologne.[1]

Uecker played the character of Dr. Carsten Flöter on the popular German TV series Lindenstraße on ARD.[1] In 1987 he kissed Gert Weinbauer (played by actor Günter Barton). This was the first gay kiss in a German series in the evening. A second kiss in 1990 with character Robert Engel (actor Martin Armknecht) brought about discussions on LGBT topics in the media. Uecker continues to play the character.

Uecker's other acting credits include Schillerstraße and he is often a guest on Genial daneben. He is an LGBT-activist and lives in Cologne.


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