Gazeta de Buenos Ayres

First issue of the Gazeta de Buenos Aires.
Type Weekly newspaper
Founder(s) Mariano Moreno
Founded June 7, 1810 (1810-06-07)
Language Spanish
Ceased publication 1821
Headquarters Buenos Aires

The Gazeta de Buenos Ayres [sic] (English: Buenos Aires gazette) was a newspaper originating in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1810. It was initially used to give publicity to the government actions of the Primera Junta, the first post-colonial Argentine government. In the beginning it was written by Mariano Moreno, with the aid of the priest Manuel Alberti; Manuel Belgrano and Juan José Castelli were also part of its staff.

It was organized on June 2, 1810, and the first issue was released the following June 7; the Gazeta was published each week afterwards. The date 7 June has been honored in Argentina as Dia del Periodista, "Journalist's Day", since 1938.[1] The Gazeta provided information about new laws, the development of the Peninsular War and the Argentine War of Independence, and served as a vehicle for political thought. The government ordered that the newspaper be read aloud at chapels after mass celebrations, because of the high illiteracy rate among the population.[2]

It was closed by the minister of government to Buenos Aires, Bernardino Rivadavia, in 1821.




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