Gary R. Mar

Gary R. Mar is an American philosopher specializing in Logic, the Philosophy of Mathematics, contemporary analytic philosophy, Asian American Philosophy and the Philosophy of Religion . He was the last dissertation student of the 20th century logician Alonzo Church and currently teaches at Stony Brook University.

Gary Mar is co-author with Donald Kalish and Richard Montague of Logic: Techniques of Formal Reasoning (second edition). He is also co-author of The Philosophical Computer with Patrick Grim and Paul St. Denis. An article on the fractal images in the semantics of paradox is contained in Logic, Meaning and Computation: Essays in Memory of Alonzo Church. This work has been discussed by Ian Stewart ('A Partly True Story,' in Scientific American(Feb. 1993),110-112). This research was also presented at the Kurt Gödel Centenary Symposium, Horizons of Truth at the University of Vienna in April 2006.

Gary Mar is the founding director of the Stony Brook Philosophy Department Logic Lab at Stony Brook and the founding director of the Asian American Center at Stony Brook, after being the catalyst for the donation of the Charles B. Wang Asian American Center at Stony Brook University, which at that time was the largest donation in the history of the public education system in New York State.

In 2003 he hosted a graduate seminar with Noam Chomsky through the President's Rotating Stars Program, and in 2005 he was instrumental in the awarding of an honorary doctorate awarded the documentary filmmaker Loni Ding, whose landmark series Ancestors in the Americas is the only in-depth documentary on the history of Asians in the Americas.

Gary Mar has been the recipient of the Chancellor’s and President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (1993), the Alumni Association Outstanding Professor Award (1995), a Pew Foundation Research Fellowship (1995-1996), and Stony Brook’s Academy of Scholar-Teachers (1996).


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