Garvey School District

Garvey School District (founded in 1891) is a pre-K-8 school district with headquarters located in the city of Rosemead, California. It operates nine pre-K-6 elementary schools, one pre-K-8 elementary school and two intermediate schools (grades 7-8). The district serves more than 6000 students from diverse backgrounds, predominantly Asian and Latin American.

In addition to serving most of the southern portions of the city of Rosemead, the Garvey School District serves parts of the cities of Monterey Park and San Gabriel, as well as part of the unincorporated Los Angeles County community of South San Gabriel. Monterey Vista and Hillcrest elementary schools are located in the city of Monterey Park, while Dewey Avenue Elementary school is located in the city of San Gabriel. All other schools in the district are located in the city of Rosemead.

Students from the Garvey School District feed into the high schools of the Alhambra Unified School District, primarily to San Gabriel High School, but also to Mark Keppel High School.

Enrollment in the Garvey School District has been in decline for several years. As a result, several elementary schools have closed.


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