Garvey Avenue

Garvey Avenue is a west-east thoroughfare in the San Gabriel Valley.


Garvey Avenue starts off as Ramona Boulevard at Eastern Avenue in Los Angeles' Eastside. Upon entrance to Alhambra, the name changes to Garvey Avenue. In addition to Alhambra, it runs through cities like Monterey Park, Rosemead, and El Monte. Garvey Avenue is one of Monterey Park's main commercial thoroughfare.[1] It terminates at Durfee Avenue. For much of its length, it runs parallel to Interstate 10; the frontage roads for Interstate 10 in West Covina and Covina are named Garvey Avenue N and Garvey Avenue S.


Metro Local line 70 and Metro Rapid line 770 run on Garvey Avenue, with the former running between Ramona Blvd and Santa Anita Avenue, and the latter running between Atlantic Blvd and Santa Anita Avenue.


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