García Álvarez de Toledo, 1st Duke of Alba

García Álvarez de Toledo y Carrillo, 1st Duke of Alba
Spouse(s) María Enríquez de Quiñones y Toledo
Noble family House of Alba
Father Hernando Álvarez de Toledo
Mother Mencia Carrillo,Lady of Bercimuelle
Born c.1424
Died 20 June 1488(1488-06-20)

García Álvarez de Toledo y Carrillo, 1st Duke of Alba de Tormes[1] (c.1424 – 20 June 1488) was a Spanish nobleman, military leader and politician.


He was the son of Hernando Álvarez de Toledo, 1st Count of Alba de Tormes and of Mencia Carrillo, Lady of Bercimuelle. In 1472, King Henry IV of Castile turned the County of Alba de Tormes into a hereditary Duchy. The first Duke of Alba fought in the War of the Castilian Succession on the side of the future Queen Isabella I of Castille against her niece Juana la Beltraneja.


In 1448, the Duke married María Enríquez de Quiñones y Toledo, daughter of Fadrique Enríquez, with whom he had 5 sons and 4 daughters. A granddaughter, María de Toledo y Rojas, married Diego Colón, son of Christopher Columbus.

By María Enríquez:


8. Fernando Álvarez de Toledo
2nd Lord of Valdecorneja
4. García Álvarez de Toledo
3rd Lord of Valdecorneja
9. Leonor de Ayala
2. Hernando Álvarez de Toledo
1st Count of Alba de Tormes
10. Pedro Ruiz de Sarmiento
1st Lord of Rivadavia
5. Constanza de Sarmiento
11. Juana de Guzmán
1. García Álvarez de Toledo
12. Gomez Carrillo de Toledo
6. Pedro Carrillo de Toledo
Lord of Bolaños
13. Mayor Fernandez Coronel
3. Mencia Carrillo
Lady of Bercimuelle
14. Tello Garcia Palomeque
7. Elvira Palomeque
15. Marquesa Diaz de Aza

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  1. in full, Spanish: Don García Álvarez de Toledo, primer duque de Alba de Tormes, primer marqués de Coria, conde de Salvatierra, señor del estado de Valdecorneja, Adelantado Mayor de Castilla y León


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García Álvarez de Toledo, 1st Duke of Alba
Born: c.1424 Died: 20 June 1488
Spanish nobility
New title Duke of Alba
Succeeded by
Fadrique Álvarez de Toledo
Preceded by
Gutierre de Cáceres
Marquis of Coria
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