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Artist Thomas Rowlandson's depiction of a gangbang

A gang bang or gangbang is a situation in which several people engage in physical sexual activity with one particular individual sequentially or at the same time.[1] Normally, there is a single individual who is the central focus of the sexual activity;[1] for example, one woman or man surrounded by several men or women. Rather than serial couplings by two people, the gang bang is defined by the number and simultaneity of the various sex acts, such as vaginal, anal or oral sex or double penetration or triple penetration.


The largest gang bangs are sponsored by pornographic film companies, and recorded, but a gang bang is not unusual in the swinger community. It is more often considered to have multiple men and one woman, while a so-called "reverse gang-bang" (one man and many women),[2] which can be seen in pornography, is rare in real life. Male-on-male gangbangs also happen.[3]

Gang bangs are not defined by the precise number of participants, but usually involve more than three people and may involve a dozen or more. When the gang bang is organized specifically to culminate with the (near) simultaneous or rapid serial ejaculations of all male participants on the central man or woman, then it may be referred to by the Japanese term bukkake.[1]

By contrast, three people engaged in sex is normally referred to as a threesome, and four people are normally referred to as a foursome. Gang bangs also differ from group sex, such as threesomes and foursomes, in that most (if not all) sexual acts during a gang bang are centered on or performed with just the central person. Although the participants of a gang bang may know each other, the spontaneity and anonymity of participants is often part of the attraction. Additionally, the other participants normally do not engage in sex acts with each other, but may stand nearby and masturbate while waiting for an opportunity to engage in sexual activity.

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