Ganei Tikva

Ganei Tikva
  • גַּנֵּי תִּקְוָה
  • غني تيكفا
Hebrew transcription(s)
  ISO 259 Gannei Tiqwa

Ganei Tikva
Coordinates: 32°03′40″N 34°52′28″E / 32.06111°N 34.87444°E / 32.06111; 34.87444Coordinates: 32°03′40″N 34°52′28″E / 32.06111°N 34.87444°E / 32.06111; 34.87444
District Central
Founded 1949
  Type Local council (from 1953)
  Head of Municipality Lizy Delaricha
  Total 1,842 dunams (1.842 km2 or 455 acres)
Population (2015)[1]
  Total 16,053
Name meaning Gardens of Hope

Ganei Tikva (Hebrew: גַּנֵּי תִּקְוָה, lit. Gardens of Hope; Arabic: غني تيكفا) is a local council in Israel, bordering Kiryat Ono to the west, Petah Tikva to the north, Gat Rimon to the east and Savyon to the south. It is known for its high standard of living and quality education. It is desirably located in close proximity to Tel Aviv and the Gush Dan conurbation, and is characterized by a diverse ethnic Jewish mix. The urban pattern includes small detached houses, townhouses and apartment buildings, complemented by mature trees and low traffic levels. In 2015 it had a population of 16,053.

History and neighborhoods

Ganei Tikva was formed in 1949 with the building of the Shikun Yovel neighborhood. Yismach Moshe, a religious neighborhood, was built in 1962. (During the Shabat, Yismach Moshe is closed to traffic). Givat Savyon was built in 1972, and is considered a high-end apartment building neighborhood. In a (successful) attempt to duplicate Givat Savyon's success, Givat Savyon HaHadasha neighborhood was formed on the eastern side, bordering Gat Rimon. The latest addition to Ganei Tikva is the new apartment building neighborhood, Ganim. Ganim is currently in various stages of construction.


Ganei Tikva has three access roads. On the west, the main entry to Ganei Tikva through Kiryat Ono. This is the preferred entry to Tel Aviv. On the east, through Gat Rimon which allows fast entry to Petah Tikva and Highway 6 through Route 471. On the south, through Savyon. Although this is a slow route and not always available. During rush hours, the access roads are typically congested. Ganei Tikva is mostly a residential town and as such, traffic during non-commute hours is typically low.


There are five elementary schools (including special education) and one junior high ("Harishonim junior high") school in Ganei Tikva. Ganei Tikva has won the National Education Award for 2007. And a new high school is planned to being built in the near future (2016).


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